Katy Perry Finds a Possible New Career as a Disney Princess

By Alaina Brandenburger

American Idol kicked off its live shows on Sunday with a Disney theme. Not only were contestants tasked with bringing their own flair and personality Disney favorites, the judges got in on the act.

Garnering the most attention was judge Katy Perry who came to the show dressed as Snow White, and social media approved. For much of the night ”Snow White” was trending on Twitter Reactions were primarily positive, with many noting the pop star’s resemblance to the iconic character.

Twitter user @reidhCooper tweeted: ”But as great as it is?@katyperry as Snow White is the best of all.#AmericanIdol.”

Perry may be a natural blonde, but she brought back her signature dark locks via a wig to channel the character. She also mixed up her character references donning a pair of glass slippers throughout the show.

Other highlights from the show included Caleb Lee Hutchinson singing ”You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story an Jurnee nailing ”How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. Contestants were coached by Idina Menzel, famed Broadway singer and voice of Elsa from Frozen.

American Idol will continue live shows throughout the season, airing Sundays on ABC at 8 pm ET.




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Alaina Brandenburger

Alaina Brandenburger

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